Autodesk, the developer of many 3D software titles including the great Photogrammetry tool ReMake (Review) is publishing a new book called The Future of Making, written by Tom Wujec. What particularly interesting is that the very first chapter of the book is called Capture and goes into “locat[ing] things in the real world and place them into a parallel digital world.” This includes 3D Scanning (with sensors and lasers) and Photogrammetry.

It will be released on June 20 but can currently be pre-ordered for $24.02 which isn’t much for a 320-page hardcover book (the list price is $40 so it’s a 40% discount). According to the publisher it’s

The ultimate handbook for anyone who wants to embrace the true future of making.

Of course Capturing is just the start — all other chapters cleverly start with a C and look very promising:

  1. Capture
  2. Compute
  3. Create
  4. Compose
  5. Communities
  6. Connections

I just pre-ordered a copy and plan to do a short review of the book when I’ve read it.