Loretta Marie Perera

Loretta Marie Perera



A writer by profession, passion, and literary ambitions, Loretta has always worked within the content-creation sphere. Calling on her background in journalism, advertising, social media management and editing, Rett – as she is more commonly known as – now leads the editorial team in providing fresh and engaging content in the additive manufacturing and 3D scanning industry.

During work hours, Rett enjoys working with everyone from writers to designers, sales teams to partners and clients, programmers to engineers. After hours, you’ll likely find her exploring new places wherever she ends up – so far that’s been her native Singapore, followed by Beijing, Moscow, Montenegro, and now Luxembourg – while seeking the coolest new spots and as well as frequenting old favorites.

What inspires her most – seeing the latest technology being used by people around the world in ways that are endlessly creative and innovative.