My blog posts about 3D Scanning have answered a lot of questions for a quarter of a million readers till date. Apparently, they raise just as many.

Have a tiny question?

If you have a small, general question, please leave a comment under a relevant blog post. I’ll try to answer it there so that other readers can benefit from the additional information as well.

Unfortunately I’m not able to answer every tiny question I get by email.

For more in-depth advise I offer an affordable consulting service, serving two parties:


I advice professionals that want to implement 3D capture into their workflow, product or service. I work with international clients in all kinds of professions, from creative to cultural heritage and from software development to health care.

I’m available on a full-time basis and open to any kind of consultancy format. I can work remotely and on-site if required and feasible. I value professional communication and timeliness.

A few examples of services:

  • Writing in-depth advice documents based on requirements and goals.
  • Hands-on 3D scanning or Photogrammetry training for specific purposes.
  • Developing end-to-end workflows.

Manufacturers & Developers

For manufacturers and developers of 3D capture hardware and software I can offer a unique and valuable perspective. Not only that from an expert but also that from an end user and someone that regularly interacts with other end users.

I’m keen on improving the user experience (UX) of a product. Something that is getting increasingly important now that many inexperienced and non-technical users want to start 3D scanning.

A few examples of my services:

  • Intensive (beta-)testing by myself or a focus group, with solid and frequent feedback.
  • Brainstorming about improving features and adding new ones.
  • Setting up focus groups to test solutions with potential end users.

Focus Areas

I focus on what I call “3D Scanning Beyond Engineering”. Here are some examples of purposes that intrest me:

  • Commercial (Marketing, Retail, etc)
  • Creative Productions (Film, VFX, Games, etc)
  • Health (Orthotics, Fitness, Body Measurement, etc)
  • Face & Body Scanning (Digital Avatars, 3D Printed Figurines, etc)
  • Cultural Heritage (Museums, Archeology, etc)
  • Real Estate (Drone-based capturing, Interior Capturing, etc)
  • Education (Teaching, Creative Projects, etc)

This list is far for complete and I’m excited that new, innovative purposes for 3D capture are born every day!

Complimentary Skills & Knowledge

I’m not an engineer and I don’t look at 3D capture from a purely technical perspective. My skill set is at the intersection of Creativity & Technology.

Beyond 3D Scanning & Photogrammetry I also have experience with

  • Creative Production — I’ve worked as a independent creative professional in 3D (motion) design, animation and visual effects. I have experiences with many 3D modeling and sculpting applications and have vast knowledge about 3D file formats
  • Interactive Development — I’m very interested in the link between 3D capture and VR/AR experience development. I have both a HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and although I’m not a programmer I have affinity with optimizing 3D scans for use in both online realtime environments (Sketchfab, WebGL) and game engines (Unity, Unreal).
  • 2D & 3D Printing — I actually started with reviewing 3D printers back in 2012 and know my way around both desktop 3D printers and industrial technologies like (full color) SLS 3D printing. I’ve also worked in the 2D printing industry and have deep knowledge about color profiles and (photo)graphic design.
  • Photography & Video — I’ve done a lot of photography, both analog and digital. My experience with cameras and photography in general is especially valuable for Photogrammetry. I also have a lot of experience with video which not only helps me understand Structure from Motion (SfM) and Videogrammetry (for 4D capture) but also benefits my understanding of Depth Sensor technologies that rely on streaming video.
  • Entrepreneurship — I get most excited when I try to do things that haven’t been done before and I therefore find great joy in working with clients that do the same. 3D capture is in a stage where it’s getting affordable and accessible for many and I’m very curious what smart people will do with it!

Doing Business with me

My advice is not only based on 15 years of experience with 3D but also over 10 years of independent professional experience in working with national and international clients.

This means you’ll get

  • A Fixed Price Quote in advance without any obligations — I greatly value transparency!
  • Well-written, illustrated advice in either English or Dutch
  • Contact info of anyone in my network that can supply the hardware or software you need (which ensures fair—and sometimes reduced—prices)
  • A proper invoice (with VAT if applicable)

Check my LinkedIn page for an overview of what I’ve done professionally — and feel free to connect with me there!

The First Step

I realize that hiring consultants depends mainly on trust. That’s why I always do an introduction call, free of charge, to get to know each other and get a general idea of the requirements.

Please send an email first so we can schedule a (Skype) Call. I’m based near Amsterdam in the CE(S)T Time Zone (UTC +1:00 or +2:00 during Summer) but can schedule calls that are satisfying for both parties.

Request a Free Introduction (Skype) Call