Sometimes you stumble across content that resonates with you in a special way, because it contains a combination of things you like. In this case it’s a combination of Visual Effects (VFX), 3D Scanning and Batman.

I’m not just fan of everything Batman (allright, most things since the v. Superman movie)—I am Batman.

I also really like Visual Effects. So much I wrote my Masters thesis about it once. VFX-heavy movies like Star Wars, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park are pretty much what got me into doing 3D work. I did some VFX work over the years and liked making my own VFX Breakdowns. That’s of course nothing compared to those of studios that make high-end effects on a full-time basis, like this VFX Reel from Gotham—the popular Batman-based TV series—by CoSa VFX:



Now that I’m deep into 3D scanning, I can’t help to recognize all technologies in videos like that. Two are used here:



Structure Sensor with Skanect Software

If you’ve read the first two parts of my Structure Sensor Review and are eagerly waiting for the final chapter of that trilogy, I can assure you that it will be up soon. It’s taking a little longer than planned, because I’m currently testing a new Beta version of the Skanect software with many improvements. It’s worth the wait—just like waiting for Gotham Season 3.

Gotham Mr. Freeze effects by CoSA VFX

If you’ve watched Gotham Season 2 you’ll remember this iconic shot because it’s the first time Mr. Freeze gets into action. It’s a great combination of frost effects and a 360 degrees “bullet-time”-like camera movement.


Gotham VFX - 3D Scanning Structure Sensor & Skanect Software

Here’s the actress captured by CoSa VFX with a Structure Sensor and Skanect. The small cubes are the depth sensor’s path around the actress.


Gotham VFX - 3D Scanning Structure Sensor & Skanect Software

Here’s another Skanect screengrab. The object next to the hand is the Structure Sensor.


Here's the result with the poor guy that had a bad wake-up from cryosleep.

And here’s the result with that poor guy that had a bad wake-up from cryosleep.


To me it’s simply impressive how much you can do with a $500 device and smart software.



Artec EVA 3D Scanner

CoSa didn’t just use affordable-for-everyone hardware. They also used an Artec EVA 3D Scanner which I’m going to test soon through 3D Scan Solutions. This scanner is one of the leading industry standards and I can’t wait to test it.


Gotham VFX 3D Scanning Artec EVA

3D Scanning with the Artec EVA 3D Scanner. They apparently used the result in combination with the Structure Sensor capture above in the melting cryosleeper shot.


Gotham VFX - 3D Scanning with Artec EVA

Not sure if this kind of neat polygon topology can be realized within Artec Studio or that other remeshing software was used.



So that was a small update so you know what you can expect in the coming weeks and months on my 3D scanning blog. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you want to be the first know when the Skanect or Artec 3D Scanner reviews are live. Or Subscribe to my Newsletter is you want to be updated by email.

My goal is to have these posts ready before Gotham Season 3 starts on September 19!

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