The University of Sheffield’s AMRC has partnered with PES Scanning to preserve an 18th century statue at a historic stately home in Northern England. 

Commissioned by the Second Marquess of Rockhingam in the 1750s, a timeless Germanicus effigy currently sits at Rotherham’s Wentworth Woodhouse. But with the sculpture having picked up some damage, a local trust is now seeking to repair and conserve it for future generations. 

In an effort to achieve this, the AMRC and PES Scanning have 3D scanned the statue with high accuracy and turned it into a 3D model, so it can be reproduced if it were ever lost. 

To raise funding towards their restoration efforts, the AMRC has already 3D printed miniatures with a Photocentric LC Magna, which could soon be sold in the Woodhouse gift shop. 

“Technology today is developing rapidly and it has the potential to not only make a better tomorrow, but also to preserve, conserve, and restore the past,” said AMRC engineer Dr. Phil Yates. “Creating a model of the Germanicus statue is a first step towards this. We hope to use our technical expertise for many such avenues and continue our collaboration.” 
From Scan the World to the digitization of the Watts Gallery, the art world is full of examples of 3D scanned sculptures. Who knows what famous artwork will be digitized next!

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