US-based non-profit organization 3DP4ME has leveraged 3D printing technology to provide hearing aids for children living in Jordanian refugee camps. By utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, the organization is working to create a more equitable and inclusive healthcare future for all, and to ensure that beneficiaries receive the necessary care and resources to thrive in their daily lives

3DP4ME aims to address the multifaceted challenge of hearing loss in Jordan and Syria, which arises from factors like chronic middle ear infections, medication toxicity, genetic disorders, and sound pollution. The lack of access to quality hearing healthcare leads to compromised educational opportunities, communication difficulties, social isolation, and limited employment prospects for affected individuals and their families.

So far, 3DP4ME has provided 52 children with custom-fit hearing aids, created using 3D scans of their ears and silicone earmolds. The organization recently received a list of 500 potential candidates with hearing loss and aims to identify and assist more individuals in need.

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