Here’s a bit of bad news; Bambu Lab has recalled its A1 3D printer over issues with the unit’s heatbed cable. Users are being affected to differing degrees, but in some cases, the problem is said to cause temperature reading and heating issues. 

While it’s a shame that one of desktop 3D printing’s rising stars has fallen foul of tech gremlins, the Bambu Lab A1 is far from the first system to suffer from this kind of fault. Also, the firm’s internal testing regime has done well to not only uncover the issue but recommend a recall to protect consumers, and it’s understood to be caused by ‘external force.’

With not all users being affected, the move is more precautionary than anything else. The company is now offering diagnosis and replacement where damage is observed. To protect those whose cables are still intact, it has even engineered a Cable Protector. Moving forward, Bambu Lab’s factory has pledged to use tougher packaging to prevent further problems. 

Not a bad response for a relatively new company in this space! Find out if your model is impacted by the Bambu Lab recall here

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