You may already be familiar with Bambu Lab. Over the last couple of years, the desktop 3D printer manufacturer has made a real splash in the maker arena. But now it’s branching into a slightly different space: entry-level 3D modeling. 

Building on MakerWorld, a community-driven 3D model repository it brought to market in 2023, the company has introduced a set of prototype modeling tools. Launched under the ‘MakerLab Experiments’ banner, these make it easier for novices to create 3D print-ready models. 

For instance, the platform’s 3D to Relief Sculpture mode allows for the creation of unique relief art from 3D models. With ‘AI Scanner,’ users can also take a simple video of any object they wish to capture and apply basic 3D reconstruction.

Given that the AI element of this workflow is carried out online, scan model generation can take 30 minutes or longer, and the result isn’t going to be professional-grade. But the process should at least yield realistic textures and simplify model creation for beginners.

In a blog post unveiling the new platform, Bambu Lab has been honest about it still being under development, calling it an “immature prototype” on its way to becoming a “polished product.” 
With the support of its growing army of fans, it seems that Bambu Labs wants to develop its online offering into an all-encompassing desktop 3D printing resource. If it succeeds, who knows? It could yet become the next Thingiverse or Sketchfab.

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