BMW Group unveiled a revolutionary way of crafting metallic vehicle parts called Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). By melting aluminum wire using an ark and precisely layering it by a software-controlled robot until the entire component is formed, WAAM creates lighter, sturdier parts while cutting down on energy use and waste. In Munich, at the Additive Manufacturing Campus in Oberschleißheim, BMW Group presented the detailed cutting-edge process, which allows for the creation of hollow structures, striking the amazing balance between strength and weight. 

WAAM-produced components are unbelievably durable and rigid, outperforming their die-cast counterparts. BMW plans to integrate WAAM-made parts into its production vehicles by 2025, changing the very concept of automotive manufacturing.

One of WAAM’s key advantages is its suitability for quickly producing large parts. Unlike laser beam melting, WAAM is fully capable of conjuring body, drive, and chassis parts. Additionally, it is versatile enough to manufacture tools and devices, making it a must-have technology across diverse industries, including aviation. WAAM is being developed and refined right now at the Campus, where production, research, and training come together. With over 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing, BMW has been focused on honing the method since 2015.

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