Twindom is a manufacturer of ready-to-use solutions that can make full body 3D captures using a clever combination of Photogrammetry and Structured Light Scanning. At CES 2018 they take this hybrid technology step closer to people that like to capture their family in 3D by announcing a Kodak-branded version.

Behind those Kodak curtains is Twindom’s array of easy-to-install (less than 30 minutes), easy-to-transport Scanning Poles with cameras (no less than 89 in total) and LED projector (25) arrays that looks more or less like this:

The Kodak solution specifically contains 17 light poles with LED-light strips for diffuse lighting. And scanning takes just 1/4 of a second so it’s also suitable for children and animals.

This solution isn’t only easier to use than a custom photogrammetry rig, it also has a very small footprint (10 x 10 ft or 3 x 3 meters) for a scanner that can capture people making it ideal for events. Attaching the Kodak brand to a 3D scanner might just give people the extra confidence to step into the light and let themselves and their family be captured in 3D. This could well be the future of the “Kodak-moment”.

Twindom offers an end-to-end solution that includes the scanning hardware, their cloud service for processing and storing 3D data and delivery of the full color sandstone 3D prints withing 1-2 weeks.

While I’m still figuring out how I can review large solutions like this, I do have 3D printed samples here that show how well the scanner can capture a family.

The 3D print on the right benefits from Twindom’s (manual) HD-treatment, adding even more details. For a better look at the scanners capabilities, here’s a real-time render of HD-treated 3D file:

I just hope someone will put a Kodak both near me so I can test it for myself!

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