At this year’s iteration of CES, the world’s leading tech show, Creality chose to showcase three new additions to its desktop 3D printing lineup. 

With the Ender-3 V3 KE, the firm has once again improved on its popular, seemingly timeless Ender formula. It may feature a familiar cartesian setup, but with a speed of 500mm/s, the KE edition is in another league when it comes to 3D printing pace. Creality has also rolled out the K1C, a closed chamber unit with a tri-metal nozzle and carbon fiber material support. 
Then there’s the CR-10 SE. Fitted with touch & pressure sensor auto-leveling, and the same 600mm/s print speed as the K1C, it’s bound to be a hit with advanced bedlsinger users. After all these upgrades, Creality’s place at the forefront of desktop 3D printing seems safe, while their showcasing at CES can only be good for the technology’s exposure.

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