Pellets have really taken off as a lower cost form of polymer 3D printing in recent years. Now a new player is seeking to get in on the action with a budget desktop-sized bedslinger. 

Launched on Kickstarter, the NAW 3D system aims to overcome many of the stability issues seen in similar machines. Its developers claim to have achieved this by fitting their unit with a robust frame, proprietary extruder, and a glass build platform that improves conductivity. 

In addition to enhanced stability, the unit’s nozzle is said to offer multi-color 3D printing at speeds of up to 200 grams of pellets per hour. The NAW 3D is also compatible with advanced feedstocks like TPU, PP, and PETG, lending it end-use potential, while its automatic feeding system saves you from having to get hands-on during material refills. 
There have been plenty of near-misses on Kickstarter recently, but given that it has already raised over $60,000, the machine looks like it might be worth taking seriously. Interested in finding out more? Access the NAW 3D Kickstarter here.

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