A new video of the OpenScan has surfaced on YouTube… and it’s fair to say the DIY 3D scanner has come on leaps and bounds. When the project first surfaced a few years ago, the system, composed of a motor-powered scanning platform, PCB, and various 3D printed parts, captured the imagination of makers everywhere, but there were some issues with it. 

Given that the device operates using photogrammetry, there was little reason to fix a camera to a 3D printed rig. After all, you could always just take any photos you need by hand.

But, in the latest demo of the device’s capabilities, a video has now emerged of a user 3D modeling difficult to capture objects. In this online tutorial, a small shiny key and highly complex miniature are digitized with pretty impressive precision.

Of course, the results weren’t pro-level and some missed areas required hole-filling, but they definitely serve as a great benchmark for the current level of open-source 3D scanning. 

Interested in viewing the footage? Check out the Teaching Tech OpenScan video. 

Teaching Tech / youtube

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