In a move that could revolutionize the seafood industry, startup Revo Foods has become the first company to introduce 3D-printed vegan salmon fillets to the European market. This innovative product, now available in select grocery stores in Vienna, Austria, and through an online shop shipping to most European countries, aims to address concerns about overfishing and microplastic pollution.

Revo Foods’ 3D-printed salmon, which uses a combination of “mycoprotein” derived from mushroom roots and plant-based fats, promises a texture reminiscent of real salmon. “It flakes very nicely into layers just like salmon,” said Robin Simsa, the CEO of Revo Foods. While he acknowledges that the taste isn’t an exact match, the product represents a significant step forward in the alternative seafood industry.

The alternative seafood sector has seen a surge in investment, with over $400 million funneled into startups focusing on plant-based and lab-grown seafood solutions. Revo Foods alone has secured $7 million in funding. However, the real test lies in consumer acceptance. Initial feedback suggests a mixed response, with the product selling out within hours in stores but facing criticism online, particularly regarding its price point. Currently, 130 grams of the vegan salmon retails for approximately $7.

Simsa remains optimistic, anticipating that costs will decrease as production scales up and more processes are automated. He also highlighted the sustainability benefits of the product, noting the environmental challenges associated with traditional salmon farming and fishing.

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