In a move that further cements Dubai’s position as a leading hub for 3D printing technology, Dubai Municipality has announced the launch of the world’s inaugural certification and conformity marks system for 3D printing within the construction sector. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of concrete mixes used in factories licensed in Dubai and streamline the procedures associated with 3D printing.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality, emphasized the alignment of this new system with Dubai Municipality’s forward-thinking vision. “This system integrates international best practices to offer unparalleled services to both individuals and the broader community, reinforcing Dubai’s global standing,” he said.

Alia Al Harmoodi, CEO of the Environment, Health, and Safety Agency at Dubai Municipality, outlined the system’s primary focus areas, including product and raw material quality assessment, manufacturing equipment efficiency, and defining technical standards at every production stage. A report from WAM underscored the significance of this initiative in bolstering Dubai’s reputation as the first city globally to adopt a conformity marking strategy for 3D printers in construction

The Dubai Central Laboratory will oversee the new system, handling product evaluation, auditing, lab testing, and issuing conformity certificates based on established technical principles.Highlighting the benefits of integrating 3D printing in construction, Dubai Municipality noted the potential for reduced errors, minimized material wastage, and expedited project completion with fewer manpower requirements.

This development is a testament to Dubai’s commitment to innovation and sustainable construction practices, promising a transformative impact on the construction landscape.

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