SSAB, a forerunner in steel manufacturing, is taking the industry to unprecedented levels with the release of the world’s first emission-free steel powder for commercial use. Made from recycled SSAB Zero® steel, this next-gen product enables customers to 3D-print their designs in steel produced with fossil carbon dioxide emissions virtually reduced to zero. The method keeps a beneficial combo of high-strength steel properties and the structural possibilities of 3D printing.

Johnny Sjöström, EVP and Head of SSAB Special Steels, states that the development is a game-changer in 3D-printed steel, saying, “We’re merging emission-free steel with powder technology to enable sustainable 3D-printed design with unlimited imagination.”

By crushing SSAB’s emission-free steel using only energy sources that are free from fossil fuels, CO2 emissions from steelmaking are completely eliminated. The expansion of SSAB’s portfolio with SSAB AM Tough Zero® makes their commitment to sustainable steel production even stronger.

Jesper Vang, Head of SSAB Powder Technology, emphasizes the impact on various industries, stating, “3D-printing high-strength steel components will help reduce raw material usage, cut weight, and increase functionality, crucial for industries aiming to reduce their CO2 footprint.”

SSAB’s initiative has already attracted interest from diverse sectors leading companies including HT Laser, Epiroc, and Triwa tested the prototype fossil-free steel powder components. We guess many more businesses will soon appreciate SSAB’s steel determination (no pun intended!) to bring innovation and sustainability together. 

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