In a monumental stride towards revolutionizing the healthcare and dentistry arenas, Formlabs has unveiled a trio of healthcare-centric 3D printing materials. This trailblazing introduction sees the BioMed Elastic 50A Resin, BioMed Flex 80A Resin, and the IBT Flex Resin being integrated into the company’s illustrious materials repertoire.

Guillaume Bailliard, the esteemed President of Healthcare at Formlabs, extolled the transformative capabilities of these additions, particularly underlining their potency in healthcare. The new BioMed materials stand poised to usher in unprecedented efficiency in 3D printing, significantly reducing time and financial overheads traditionally tied to conventional methodologies, such as molding, in the creation of surgical models and diverse medical devices.

Highlighting the nuances of the IBT Flex Resin, Formlabs elucidates its meticulously crafted design, marrying tear-resistant attributes with unparalleled accuracy, especially for dental utilities. The resin is tailored for advanced applications such as 3D-printed direct composite restoration guides and indirect bonding trays.

Bailliard enthusiastically said, “The escalating adoption of 3D printing in healthcare and dentistry is emblematic of a paradigm shift. It signifies a transformative trajectory where patients stand to benefit from a heightened degree of personalized care, enhancing both comfort and overall outcomes.”

He continued, emphasizing the company’s unwavering commitment: “Our materials development division remains unyieldingly devoted to curating innovative materials and solutions. These endeavors are intrinsically geared towards magnifying the spectrum of 3D printing in healthcare and dental procedures, ultimately expanding the horizons of patient-tailored care.”

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