With the advent of AI-generated images and videos, it’s sometimes argued that advanced technologies are threatening to take over traditionally creative roles. 

But Dutch artist Niels Salventius is flipping this paradigm on its head, by digitizing his hand-drawn designs with 3D scanning, so art lovers can view them anywhere (imperfections and all) in VR.

Capturing his works in virtual form has also allowed Salventius to take advantage of modern manufacturing tools like 3D printing. Using Shapeways’ stereolithography (SLA) service, for example, he has found it possible to bring smaller works into the physical world. 

“The possibilities of this tech are endless,” Salventius told VoxelMatters. “The main appeal of VR, in combination with 3D printing, is that I can make hand-drawn sculptures. I don’t think there is any other technique that enables this.” 

To realize larger prints, like lopsided chair pieces, Salventius has turned to service provider ArchiMED. 3D printing them is said to have baked in the flaws that make his original designs so unique, and for this reason, he says he “really loves the f**k ups” in the final products.  

With artist and advanced technology going together so nicely, his project shows how there’s space for creativity and modern approaches to go hand-in-hand. While Salventius isn’t the first to digitize his work, he has also uncovered a new way of sharing it with the masses!

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