Researchers in China have developed a system capable of identifying chronic age-related disease risk in patients, based only on 3D scans of their face, tongue, and retinas. 

According to the team, the optic nerve can be used as an indicator of brain function, while tongue images contain all the clues needed to assess oral and gastrointestinal health. To analyze how lifestyle factors impact these areas of the human body, they’ve fed face scans into an AI model they developed to detect biological age and risk of disease. 

During testing, it was found that this model, trained with data from over 11,000 healthy patients and 3,000 chronic disease sufferers, could identify differences between chronological and biological age. Not only that, it proved capable of predicting the progression of chronic diseases in test subjects. Who knows where this sci-fi-level medicine will head next? 
You can read more about the AI-led disease recognition research here.

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