If you have read my HP Sprout Pro 3D Scanning Review you remember that I found the workflow well-designed and super easy, but lacking Pro features.

But here’s the good news: You might know that HP acquired 3D scanner manufacturer DAVID in June this year. It seems that the Sprout Pro will especially benefit from this, as reliable source within the company has told me that a software teams are currently adding the finishing touches on seamlessly integrating the DAVID 3D Scanners and DAVID 5 Software with the Sprout Pro.

This will mean that you can use professional-grade 3D Scanning software on the Sprout and choose if you want to use the integrated 3D Scanner and Capture Stage like I did in the review above, or a professional 3D scanner like the SLS-3 Stereo (pictured below) and the TT-1 Turntable.

In either scenario, you will get an improved workflow and better results. I’ve arranged the setup below, including the turntable to review soon so stay tuned!

One more thing: did you notice the HP Sprout cameo in Microsoft’s Windows 10 3D Update Promo Video this week?


DAVID / HP SLS-3 Stereo 3D Scanner

DAVID TT-1 Turntable

DAVID / HP TT-1 Turntable

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