After a 30-year wait, one lucky Brit has been fitted with a bionic hand. Since losing the extremity to a trauma amputation, 50-year-old Suleman Chohan had struggled to carry out everyday tasks. But Open Bionics’ ‘Hero Gauntlet’ has changed things completely.

Built with patient feedback in mind, the prosthetic is designed to be ultra-intuitive, making it easy for users to get to grips with and start regaining body confidence. Chohan had received an NHS latex implant, but deemed it too bulky for practical use. With his Hero Gauntlet, he can now do everything from basic tasks like using a mobile phone to gaming and mountain biking. 

Chohan’s hand prosthetic is just the latest in a string of Open Bionics innovations. The firm is best known for its Disney and Marvel-themed prosthetics, but its lightweight multi-grip Hero Arms are said to be super comfortable and easy to use for below-elbow amputees. 

With these prosthetics now available in over 800 locations in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, the future of medical device manufacturing is fast becoming a reality. So, don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of someone resembling Iron Man in your area soon.

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