Great news for architects, CGI professionals and designers worldwide: Lumion has introduced the latest iteration of its visualization software, bringing a range of exciting enhancements. With real-time ray tracing, expanded nature item compatibility, and significantly faster video rendering speeds (more than five times faster!) Lumion 2024 may well be the most advanced tool for creators to use when bringing their visions to life.

One of the standout features of Lumion 2024 is its rendering tool that simulates the way light behaves when interacting with real-world objects by tracing the path of light rays, which allows designers to preview their work with stunning realism. Detailed and fine-tuned reflections in glass and water, sunlight diffusion through translucent materials, and vibrant shadows from colored glass are just a few examples of the boosted visual fidelity. Plus, with NVIDIA Real-time Denoising technology integrated into photo and movie modes, it is possible to make full use of the near-instant previews, streamlining design workflows like never before.

With improved video rendering speeds, super-realistic, dynamic animations are created much more efficiently. Regardless of their visualization expertise, architects get an easier method to generate true-to-life stills and animations compared to traditional digital content creation applications. Effortless import of building 3D models from various software sources, including standard 3D file formats like FBX, OBJ, SKP, and MAX, or via integrated live links to major CAD programs, gives the flexibility to manipulate materials directly within Lumion.

That includes adjusting lighting and weather effects, using assets from the robust library – with 100 new nature items, 45 new static characters, and 25 pre-made parallax interiors added to enhance the scene – and crafting straightforward camera animations. If this is what you can do for visualization of a building in 3D, we can only imagine how cool a Lumion-designed city quarter would look! 

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