In the world of benchmarking, the Benchy is a staple, an icon among desktop 3D printer users everywhere. If you’ve ever 3D printed one, you’ll know that they’re great for assessing print quality and accuracy, but they can take hours to make. 

Well, that was the case, until maker Monica McWuff rewrote the rulebook by making a Benchy in just 2 minutes and 9 seconds. She achieved this record-breaking feat with a Creality Ender-3 modified to feature a 120 mm/s flow rate. As you can see from McWuff’s video, which now has nearly 175,000 views, the result is a 3D printer so fast its movements seem to blur. 

Okay, her print isn’t the most impressive in the world, there’s plenty of mush and stringing present. But with print speeds of up to 800 mm/s, McWuff’s print setup is pretty impressive in its own right. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone can top this and take desktop 3D printing into new, even faster territory, or use it to accelerate the creation of end-use parts. 
In the meantime, stay tuned to McWuff’s YouTube channel to see what she creates next.

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