Steakholder Foods, one of the early leaders in the meat 3D printing market, has announced that it’s branching into seafood. In order to do so, the firm has developed a plant-based shrimp that can be 3D printed into something that resembles the real thing. 

The novel seafood is designed to be manufactured with Steakholder’s Dropjet 3D printers, machines built to churn out thousands of tons of food every month. It remains to be seen who will adopt the technology and start selling to consumers, but with the shrimp market being worth $60 billion a year, there’s definitely money to be made there. 

Steakholder itself says the first Dropjet system is set for shipping later this year, so it already has a customer in mind. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to taste 3D-printed shrimp for yourself in the not too distant future. 

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