Mighty Buildings, at the forefront of the construction 3D printing sector, has successfully secured $52 million in funding, raising their total backing since inception to $150 million. This financial milestone indicates a robust investor trust in the firm’s eco-friendly and climate-resilient housing solutions, showcasing how investments are gravitating towards sustainable measures in the construction industry.

These funds are aimed to speed up the production of homes for the growing US market and establish manufacturing bases in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, areas Mighty Buildings recognizes as the fastest expanding global markets.

Mighty Buildings’ foray into the Gulf is a testament to their mission of global housing transformation, emphasizing sustainability, resilience to climate change, and addressing the worldwide housing crunch. This strategic expansion underlines their commitment to utilizing innovative methods, like unique 3D printing techniques, to ensure environmentally friendly construction.

Fahad Alidi, Managing Director at Wa’ed Ventures, lauded Mighty Buildings’ innovative approach, stating that such ventures lay the foundation for sustainable and scalable home construction, particularly in regions like the Gulf. The fresh influx of capital not only advances their technological pursuits but reinforces the industry’s trust in greener construction techniques.

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