In September of last year at IFA Berlin, Sony announced the Xperia XZ1 with the 3D Creator app. This was the the first time that a smartphone brand pushed 3D capture in their main marketing. Today, at Mobile World Congress 2018 the Japanese electronics giant announced the new Xperia XZ2. It has many new features like an HDR+ screen, 4K HDR video recording and a Dynamic Vibration System.

Awesome stuff that other blogs can to tell you a lot more about but of course you’re reading this post because you want to know if there are any improvements to Sony’s revolutionary sensor-less real time mobile photogrammetry app, especially now that 3D capture doesn’t seem to be part of the XZ2’s core marketing message anymore.

But there’s 3D news indeed and it’s no small news either: with the XZ2 you can also use the front-facing camera with 3D Creator. Which means… 3D Selfies!

That might sound trivial but we all know what selfies have done for mobile photography, especially in combination with social sharing. And in that context it’s also noteworthy that Sony didn’t just make mobile 3D capture easier but also sharing the result. 3D Creator is also one of the first apps that supports Facebook’s new feature that let’s users share 3D content directly to their News Feed:

Did you know Facebook now has native 3D support? Great for sharing 3D scans!

Geplaatst door 3D Scan Expert op Zaterdag 24 februari 2018

However, according to AndroidPIT, the ease of the direct-to-Facebook sharing feature of 3D Creator comes at the cost of a loss of quality. This most likely is a result from Facebook’s maximum upload size of 3MB for 3D models (in glTF format, including textures). AndroidPIT also notes that Sony has future plans to release a cloud service for 3D scans later that will offer full-quality storage and sharing.

I will be in Barcelona on Wednesday to visit MWC to check out the Xperia XZ2’s 3D scanning features and try to get more info Sony’s further plans with 3D. If they will somehow connect that to Playstation functionality I will get even more excited.

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