NVIDIA’s latest refreshing shot into development of AI technology, LATTE 3D, brings a lightning-fast text-to-3D generation tool to creators around the globe. This innovative AI model, created by NVIDIA’s AI research team in Toronto, works in a similar way to a virtual 3D printer, transforming text prompts into intricate 3D replicas of virtually anything within mere seconds.

Sanja Fidler, vice president of AI research at NVIDIA, describes the leap in speed as monumental: “A year ago, it took an hour for AI models to generate 3D visuals of this quality — and the current state of the art is now around 10 to 12 seconds.” With LATTE 3D, creators can now produce near-real-time 3D assets easily, in a wide range of applications from video games to design projects.

Tech experts predict the days of tedious manual effort in crafting 3D models might soon be gone, as LATTE 3D transforms the process with the help of advanced algorithms that interpret text inputs and generate detailed 3D models in a click. This allows creators to focus on refining their ideas rather than spend time on routine modeling tasks.

Instead of making a design from scratch or going through a 3D asset library, it is possible to use LATTE 3D to generate any detailed object a creator could think of: the AI model chooses a few different 3D options based on every text prompt, which can then be optimized for quality. This can be followed by an easy export into any graphics software application or platform, such as NVIDIA Omniverse, which enables Universal Scene Description. 

The remarkable responsiveness of LATTE 3D practically means that straightforward text descriptions can be immediately translated into elaborate 3D models with impressive accuracy. Would you like a boost in productivity when making 3D models? Look no further.

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