In a move poised to reshape the 3D printing realm, CGMaxed has introduced an innovative PVB-based adhesive solution, challenging the long-standing dominion of PVA-based liquids. As print adhesion continues to be a pivotal concern for 3D printer operators, especially those still recalling the ad-hoc days of “ABS juice” and hairsprays, this development signals a marked shift.

From the rudimentary surfaces of raw steel, acrylic, and glass, to the PEI-coated spring steel plates of today, achieving optimal print adhesion has remained paramount. While most operators have grown accustomed to PVA solutions, CGMaxed’s new PVB formula promises a bevy of advantages: swift drying even in cold applications, enhanced grip with multiple coatings, and easy clean-up using common alcohols. Impressively, it can withstand multiple prints without a dip in adhesive potency and offers significant resilience against cold drafts.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect for many will be its cost-efficiency. Priced competitively at just US$22 for a 6oz bottle, the adhesive assures both quality and longevity. Presently exclusive to eBay, this adhesive innovation is geared towards operators with glass beds, heralding a potential new standard in 3D printing adhesion.

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