COBOD and The PERI Group have partnered with the Krause Group, Mense-Korte and SSV to build Europe’s largest-ever 3D-printed building. Erected in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, the single-story Wavehouse data center, which measures 600 square meters across, took around 140 hours to print layer-by-layer with a COBOD BOD2 system. 

In terms of composition, the building was made from a 100% recyclable Heidelberg Materials feedstock, with a binder that features a 55% lighter carbon footprint than Portland cement. Given traditional construction’s sizable contribution to global warming, the project is being treated as a potential blueprint for a more sustainable alternative. 

Of course, PERI is an investor in COBOD, and the pair have already worked together extensively. A few years ago, they even built an entire three-story apartment block. But it’s still encouraging to hear that they’re continuing to scale new heights with 3D printing.

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