First there was 2K, then 4K and 8K (which seemed like big steps forward), but now you can 3D print at a whopping 14K resolution. With the Whale Ultra, the second 14K system unveiled after Anycubic’s Photon Mono M5s Pro, Nova 3D has launched a potential game-changer. 

Harnessing a unit with such impressive print resolution capabilities, you can theoretically create fine-featured resin models – and even some end parts – with unprecedented detail. At 223 x 126 x 250 mm, the Whale Ultra also has a large build volume (especially for something so compact), and it’s already making a splash in the desktop 3D printing community. 

Okay, some makers are questioning how much of a resolution boost it really offers. But given 3D printing’s affinity for buzzwords, don’t be surprised if ‘14K’ starts trending soon.

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