It’s Formnext again, meaning lots of news about 3D printing. But like last year, there are also many 3D scanner manufacturers present at the annual trade show.

One of them is Shining3D, which is releasing new versions of their EinScan-Pro handheld structured light 3D Scanner: the EinScan-Pro 2X and 2X Plus.

These are the succesors of the EinScan Pro (Review) and EinScan Pro Plus (Review). While the 2X comes in the same light silver color as the original Pro, the 2X Plus comes in a darker grey color as you can see above. As with the previous generation, the main difference between the 2X and 2X Plus is the single scan area (135x100mm – 225*170mm vs. 208x136mm – 312x204mm) and the working distance (400 vs. 510mm), making the 2X Plus better suitable for scanning larger objects.

Improved Specs

The main upgrade of the 2X series is the scanning speed, which is now 30 frames per second — twice as fast as the original EinScan Pro. If you’ve ever used a handheld 3D scanner you’ll know that a faster frame rate means a more fluid scanning experience, more robust tracking and of course shorter scanning times. This is great for large objects but also for subjects that are prone to movement, like scanning people.

Accuracy and resolution have also improved. For instance, the Rapid Scan mode now has a single shot accuracy of 0.01mm (vs. 0.03 on the previous generation) and a point distance of 0.2-2mm (vs. 0.3-7mm). The HD handheld mode shows similar improvements.\

Modular system with backwards compatibility

The new scanner keeps it’s versatile modular design and is compatible with all existing EinScan Pro modules:

  • The Color Pack, which adds a native RGB camera for color texture capture
  • The Industrial Pack, which turns the handheld scanner into a desktop scanner with automatic turntable (the new scanners can deliver up to 0.04mm accuracy compared to 0.05 on the previous models)
  • The Prime Pack (which I reviewed a few days ago), which makes the HD Handheld Mode faster and more robust.

New Software

The 2X series come with a new kind of software, called ExScan Pro which features a completely redesigned user interface and promises faster scanning and more features. I’ve only seen the screenshots above but it looks like a big improvement over the existing EinScan software.

More information about the EinScan 2X series of handheld structured light scanners can be found on the EinScan website.

I’ll be doing a full review of the Einscan 2X (Plus) in the future. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to know when.

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